★ Neon Islands palette, Set of 6 neon colors ★ 


★ ALOHA WATERCOLORS are handmade with Organic Hawaiian honey, glycerine, Acacia sap (gum arabic) and artist grade pigments. The paints are mulled by hand for a minimum of 1 hour and poured and dried 3 times. The process takes about 3-4 weeks. 


★ Each pan comes with a little magnet (magnetic tape) attached to the bottom (removable) and in a travel tin box. Each pan is carefully wrapped in gold foil. 


★ The colors in this set are: 


Maui (pink)

Kaua'i (purple)

Hawai'i (peach red)

O'ahu (yellow)

Lana'i (orange)

Moloka'i (green)


★ How did I come up with the names for the paints? All Hawaiian islands have a specific color designated to them. In most cases that color matches the hue of the island's official flower or lei making material.


★★★ Tag me on Instagram @alohawatercolors / @thealohastudios so I can marvel at the artwork you create with the Aloha watercolors!

Neon islands set