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  • When's the next shop restock?
    Next shop update will be in January 2024, exact day and time TBD. Please check my Instagram account (@alohawatercolors) for updates. Please note that the store will be closed from November 7 until November 30, 2023, as I will be traveling abroad. Shop reopens December 1.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Shipping costs are around US$ 12- for international shipping. For further info please refer to the FAQ about European import laws and shipping times. Free international shipping to most countries on orders over US$120.- Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is possible again but please be aware that it currently takes 6 (!) weeks or longer for your package to arrive.
  • About those new European Union import laws: How much do I have to pay?
    On July 1, 2021 the European Union introduced new import tax laws. Prior to that date, packages with a declared value under Euro 22.- were free of charge so to speak (no import taxes had to be paid). Since July 1 this has changed. Even though not all packages are being taxed you might have to pay import taxes if you live in a European Union country. For an order of 10 paints you are looking at roughly 5 to 7 Euros in tax. Weirdly enough not all packages are being treated equal. Some seem to slip through customs and you don't have to pay anything, but on some you will be charged. Instead of the package being delivered to your doorstep, you will be notified by your local post office to pick it up there and pay the according tax fee. If you have questions about this you can contact me and I'll do my best to help.
  • How long do processing and shipping take?
    Aloha watercolors is a one-woman business. I work as fast as possible to get orders out and often salvage sleep over finishing this one last package of the day ;-) I usually get packages out within 1 to 4 days after you ordered. But then: USPS Shipping times vary! First class Packages within the US are delivered according to the Zones system. It can take 1 day (Hawaii), 3 days (West coast) and up to a week (East coast). If you'd like to expedite shipping within the US, please choose Priority upgrade. International shipping takes longer, with ca. 3 to 5 weeks to Europe and Asia. Please be aware of that when you order. The European Union has established new import laws since July 1, 2021. Please expect further delays as customs is now looking at every single package even more closely.
  • Why buy handmade watercolors?
    Handmade aloha watercolors are packed full of pigments. Packed. Compared to industrial brands, I use more a higher amount of pigment than binder in every batch which leads to extremely vibrant colors. Plus, I use honey to make the paint extra smooth, like butter. Plus plus, when shopping aloha watercolors, you support a one-woman-business, woohoo!
  • How lightfast are Aloha watercolors?
    Almost all of aloha watercolors have excellent lightfastness with one exception: the neon paints! The neons change color after a few months in direct sunlight. To avoid discoloring, use a UV protective spray (e.g. Krylon archival spray), or keep them out of direct sunlight. If you use them in your notebook/journal, the colors will be fine and won't discolor.
  • Uuugh but that paint arrived sticky!
    Due to the high content of honey, it‘s possible that you come across „sticky paint“, especially during hot weather. The paint is absolutely good to use! Try sticking the paints in the fridge (or even freezer) for an hour, then slowly peel back the foil while using a toothpick to scrape the paint back into the pan. Please don‘t leave your paints out in the sun or near a heat source. Enjoy creating!
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    Accepted payment methods are Credit Card, Debit card and Paypal. I also accept payments throught Venmo (alohawatercolors) and Cash app (alohawatercolors) when you choose "manual payment" during checkout. Meine deutschen KundInnen können gerne per Banküberweisung bezahlen, falls keine Kreditkarte oder Paypal zur Verfügung stehen. Dazu bitte "manual payment" auswählen und den Anweisungen beim Check-out folgen.
  • Can I make a custom order?
    Usually yes, unless I'm uber busy or the paint is discontinued! Please email me at
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