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Tropical leaves Tutorials


Monstera leaf. Colors used: 'Ulu (lime green), Monstera (chromium oxide green), Jungle (phtalo green). Colored pencils


Mai'a (banana) leaf. Colors used: ‘Ulu (lime green), Jade vine (phtalo green), Storm (Payne's grey). Colored pencils in yellow, lime green, dark green. 


Kalo (Taro) plant. Colors used: Orchid (quinacridone magenta, Lilikoi (purple), Jade vine (phtalo turquoise), Kaona (dioxazine purple), Milky way (titanium white for the stars)


Ki (Ti) plant. Colors used: Orchid (quinacridone magenta), Jade vine (phtalo turquoise), Malachite, Storm (Payne's gray). Colored pencils in green, red, blue.


'Ulu (Breadfruit). Colors used: Orchid (quinacridone magenta), Jade vine (phtalo turquoise), Kaona (dioxazine purple)


'Awa (Kava) leaves. Colors used: ‘Ulu (lime green), Jungle (phtalo green). Colored pencils in lime green, dark green. 

aw_tut_maile_1 ig_square.jpg

Maile & Mokihana lei (garland). Colors used: Jade vine (phtalo turquoise), Storm (Payne's grey), ‘Ulu (lime green)


Hinahina. Colors used: Ice queen (pastel turquoise), Avocado (light green), Monstera (chromium oxide green), King Protea (Potter's pink). Colored pencils in green, dark purple, pink, turquoise. 


Hapu'u fern. Colors used: Mango (medium cadmium yellow), Kupukupu (lime green), Nahele (dark cobalt green), Cocoa (burnt umber), Jade vine (phtalo turquoise), Kona jazz (bronze metallic shimmer). 

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