★ Goddess XL combines all 3 colorshift sets and contains all 15 colorshifts in half pans. Please note that this set comes with a beautiful decal sticker, but without a tin. 


- Laka, hula goddesss (gold over green to red). 

- Namaka, ocean goddess (blue over pink to purple). 

- Hina, moon goddess (gold over orange to light pink)

- Pele, fire & volcano goddess (red to orange and pink)

- Waka, lizard goddess (light gold to gold to green)


- Hi'iaka, hula goddesss (purple over orange to green). 

- Lea, goddess of canoe builders (orange to pink). 

- Lilinoe, goddess of the mists (gold over purple to blue and green)

- Haumea, earth goddess (yellow to peach)

- Poli'ahu, snow goddess (teal over blue to pink and purple)


- Mana (light green to orange). 

- Papa, earth goddess (bright teal to electric blue ). 

- Kapo, goddess of magic and sorcery (supershift from pink to purple and green and yellow)

- Nu'akea, goddess of milk (light pink to orange and blue)

- Kumulipo, creation chant (bright blue to purple)



★ Depending on which paper you use and how the light hits the colors, the shifts look different.


★ I recommend dark paper, especially black to bring out the maximum brilliance of these paints. 


★If you bend the paper, it's easier to see and photograph the different shifts. Angling the paper towards a light source helps, too. 

GODDESS XL (all 15 colorshifts)