★Three scented shimmer paints: Caramel, Cinnamon and Candy cane. These paints are infused with essential oils and will make your paint space smell like a Christmas bake shop :-)


Cinnamon (cinnamon essential oil)

Candy cane (peppermint essential oil)

Caramel (caramel scented perfume oil)


★All paints also contain essential clove oil. 


★ ALOHA WATERCOLORS are handmade with Organic Hawaiian honey, glycerine, Acacia sap (gum arabic), essential oils and artist grade pigments. The paints are mulled and mixed by hand for a minimum of 40 minutes and poured and dried 3 to 4 times. The process takes about 4 weeks. 


★ Each half pan comes with a little magnet (magnetic tape) attached to the bottom (removable) and in a travel tin box. 



★ non-toxic. In case you're allergic to certain essential oils, these paints might not be the right choice for you!


★★★ Tag me on Instagram @alohawatercolors / @thealohastudios so I can marvel at the artwork you create with the Aloha watercolors!

Scented paints! Caramel candy set