★ Monstera love Palette, Artist grade Half Pans, Travel Tin, Set of 1 metallic glitter and 7 regular half pans ★ They come in a silver tin with a beautiful green holographic decal. 


★ If you order single pans as well as this set, please let me know if I can pack everything together in one tin or separately. 


★ ALOHA WATERCOLORS are handmade with Organic Hawaiian honey, glycerine, Acacia sap (gum arabic) and artist grade pigments. The paints are mixed/mulled by hand  and poured and dried 3 times. The process takes about 4 weeks. 


★ Each half pan comes with a little magnet (magnetic tape) attached to the bottom (removable) and in a travel tin box. 


★ The colors in this set are: 


- Jungle (phtalo green)

- Golden cactus (green and glitter duochrome gold)

- Koa wood (Ercolano red)

- Mango (medium cadmium yellow)

- Heliconia (medium red crimson)

- Ohia (French vermillion)

- Acai Bowl (French Lacquer Red)

- Monstera (green)


★ non-toxic. All lightfast grade 8,  except for Golden cactus, lightfast grade 6. 


★★★ Tag me on Instagram @alohawatercolors / @thealohastudios so I can marvel at the artwork you create with the Aloha watercolors!

MONSTERA LOVE set / 8 honey-based watercolors, handmade in Hawaii