MERMAID TALES SET: Artist grade Half Pans plus 1 seashell, Travel Tin, Set of 2 metallic glitter, 3 regular and 1 glitter seashell (6 colors altogether). ★ 


★ ALOHA WATERCOLORS are handmade with Organic Hawaiian honey, glycerine, Acacia sap (gum arabic) and artist grade pigments. The paints are mulled and mixed by hand and poured and dried 3 to 4 times. The process takes about 4 weeks, for some paints even longer. 


★ Each half pan comes with a little magnet (magnetic tape) attached to the bottom (removable) and in a travel tin box. The sea shell has a disc magnet attached to the bottom which is not removable. 


★ The colors in this set are: 


- Lagoon (Manganese blue, non toxic - as all my paints)

- Seahorse (light turquoise metallic glitter)

- Sunset (red rose gold duochrome glitter)

- Beach (yellow ochre)

- Seagrass (Paris green)

- Mermaid (duochrome metallic in white and gold)


★ The matte colors & Seahorse in this set are 100% lightfast. All paints, including the shimmers, are non-toxic. 

MERMAID TALES handmade watercolor set