Hawaiian goddess Vol. 2 is a set of 5 colorshift supersparkly shimmers. It comes in a black tin with a beautiful holographic decal. 


The paints in this set are: 

- Hi'iaka, hula goddesss (purple over orange to green). 

- Lea, goddess of canoe builders (orange to pink). 

- Lilinoe, goddess of the mists (gold over purple to blue and green)

- Haumea, earth goddess (yellow to peach)

- Poli'ahu, snow goddess (teal over blue to pink and purple)


Depending on which paper you use and how the light hits the colors, the shifts look different. I recommend dark paper, especially black to bring out the maximum brilliance of these paints. 

If you bend the paper, it's easier to see and photograph the different shifts. Angling the paper towards a light source helps, too. 

GODDESS vol. 2 set