✰The PUNA SERIES Aloha liquids contain 5 bottles à 10 ml. Please shake well before use, as pigments may settle at the bottom of the bottle. 


✰ IMPORTANT: I'm vacuum sealing the bottles to prevent the bottles from leaking. Packages from Hawaii have to air travel, and due to considerable air pressure changes some leaking might occur. I'd be grateful if you notified me in case the bottles didn't arrive in perfect condition. Please open bottles carefully and away from sensitive surfaces and precious clothing/fabrics, as the watercolor inks have high tinting strength.  



✰ Aloha liquids are dye-and pigment based watercolor glitter inks, perfect for lettering and calligraphy. Painting is also possible but the liquids don't lift as well as solid watercolors, so you'd have to work fast and/or use lots of water. 


✰ As these watercolor inks are dye-based, they are extremely brilliant, but on the other hand not completely lightfast. I've made tests that show that after 6 months of intense exposure to sun there were slight changes of color. To preserve the colors, make sure you don't expose your final artwork to direct sunlight, and/or cover your artwork with a UV-resistant clear coat spray. 


✰ The colors in the Puna series set are: 

-Puna Berry: bordeaux red with bright blue glitter that shifts to pink.

-Puna Thunder: purple with colorshift from gold to red. 

-Puna nights a Payne's gray with silver shimmer. No colorshift. 

-Puna Forest is a dark teal with gold shimmer. No colorshift. 

-Puna Cocoa: reddish brown with colorshift from pink to purple. 


✰ Hope you love the paints! Tag me on Instagram @alohawatercolors @thealohastudios so I can marvel at what you create with the Liquids!

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